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4 Reasons to do our 2 Day Tour in April.

1. We are April Fools and have dropped the price for our last 5 Kakadu tours!

With only a few departures left for this month before we kick start our popular 3 day tour in May, we have decided to treat you to a discount.

All 2 Day Kakadu tours in April now only $395 All Inclusive!

2. Spectacular Wet Season Kakadu Landscapes.

We are just at the crescendo of our Wet season and what a wet it has been!  As we move through April, the storms and rain will ease slightly along with the river levels and waterfalls.  So if you want to see Kakadu at its most vibrant, now is the time to visit!

3.  Air Conditioned Budget Style Kakadu Accommodation.

It’s no fun camping in the Wet!  Even in waterproof safari style permanent huts, the air temperature is still around 25-30 degrees and 75% humidity so you end up hot & sweaty and don’t get much sleep.  Until the end of April we stay in Budget style Air conditioned rooms to ensure you get a good night’s rest!

4.  Beat the Crowds – Have Kakadu to yourselves.

Over the last few months there has been lucky to be less than two tour groups a day visiting some of the places we go and virtually no self travellers.  As we approach Easter holidays (April 14th) this will change.  By staying just to the south of the Park, we also get into places like Yurmikmik much earlier than other groups so have some peace and quiet before they arrive!


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